What to Eat to Gain Weight for the Elderly

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Currently, the threat of health concerns over obesity is in the spotlight. But concerns about people that are underweight, especially elderly people, are not addressed as often. As people age, reactions to food and appetite change.
What to eat to gain weight for the elderly? Here are some tips. Follow me step by step.

What to Eat to Gain Weight for the Elderly

What to Eat to Gain Weight for the Elderly

Aging not only changes the way a person looks, but it also affects how their body reacts to different stimuli. Metabolism slows and activity dwindles, usually bringing about weight gain. But, the sense of smell and taste shrinks with time, causing some elderly people to under eat, resulting in unhealthy low weights.

Specific foods to help gain weight, but still keep healthy, include fish, milk, cheese, eggs, and lean meat. The key to gaining weight is to eat foods high in protein.

Being underweight can have ill affects on the body’s immune system, allowing illness to set in; whereas if the body was a normal weight, the body would have a chance to fight off the illness invaders.

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