5 Steps to Promote Weight Gain in Cats

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Some cat owners grow concerned when their cats appear too skinny or experience a sudden weight loss. Making sure your cat is eating right and getting enough exercise is a simple way to promote weight gain.
How to promote weight gain in cats? Here are 5 Steps. Follow me step by step.

5 Steps to Promote Weight Gain in Cats

5 Steps to Promote Weight Gain in Cats


Step1: Feed your cat a balanced diet.
Cats should eat both canned wet food and dry food. Some owners only feed their cats dry food because the smell of canned food is often unpleasant, and canned food is less easily dispensable than dry food. If your cat only eats dry food instead of wet food, it may get too much ash in its diet, which could cause it to fall below a healthy weight. Water should also be available at all times.

Step2: Limit treats.
While giving out cat treats or even “people food” may seem like a good way to stimulate your cat’s appetite, it may encourage your cat to reject its regular food. The cat may hold out for something it likes better than healthy food.

Step3: Let your cat exercise.
Make sure the cat has room to run around and to jump. While it may seem that physical activity would cause your cat to lose weight, building up muscle through physical activity will help your cat gain weight, since muscle weighs more than fat.

Step4: Do not let other pets eat your cat’s food.
If you have other cats, make sure they are not eating all the food before the cat that needs to gain weight has gotten its share. Animals other than cats, such as dogs and raccoons, will eat cat food in a heartbeat. Make sure other pets or animals are not eating your cat’s food, especially if you feed your cat outdoors.

Step5: Check for fleas.
The most common problems that makes cats lose weight or prevents them from gaining it is fleas. Many cats are allergic to fleas and experience health complications, such as weight loss, when fleas are biting them regularly. Look for bites or flea egg debris on your cat’s skin and fur. Use medication to get rid of fleas if you find evidence.

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