6 Steps to Make a Dog Put on Weight

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If you adopt a dog from an animal shelter, chances are the dog will need to put on weight. These dogs often are found roaming neighborhoods looking for something to eat. Others weren’t fed properly by their previous owners. However your dog came to be underweight, you can help it achieve a healthful weight.
How to make a dog put on weight? Here are 6 steps. Follow me step by step.

6 Steps to Make a Dog Put on Weight

6 Steps to Make a Dog Put on Weight

Step1: Give your dog 1 tsp. Canine Red Cell for every 10 lbs. of its weight; you can mix into the following recipe for patties. For instance, if your dog weighs 40 lbs., give it 4 tsp. Canine Red Cell. This supplement does two very important things. First, it provides your dog with essential vitamins and minerals. Second, it is an appetite stimulant that will make your dog want to eat.

Step2: To make the patties, add the ground beef, crushed Total cereal, oats and wheat germ to a large mixing bowl. Combine.

Step3: Add flaxseed oil, egg, molasses and unflavored gelatin to the mixing bowl. Combine.

Step4: Form 14 patties out of the meat. This is enough for your dog to have two patties per day for the entire week. These patties are high in fat and calories, which will help

Step5: Wrap each of the 14 patties with plastic wrap. Leave 3 days’ worth in your refrigerator, and place the rest in the freezer. Thaw them out the day before you need them. Make a new batch each week.

Step6: Give your dog one patty in the morning and one at night, along with a small quantity of dog food on the side. Continue providing these patties until your dog has reached its appropriate weight.

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