13 Steps to Make 1-Year-Old Gain Weight

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A parent does not want her 1-year-old to be underweight. You want your child to be at a healthy weight, getting all of the nutrients that he needs.
How to make 1-year-old gain weight?  Here are 13 Steps. Follow me step by step.

13 Steps to Make 1-Year-Old Gain Weight

13 Steps to Make 1-Year-Old Gain Weight


Step1: Cut up carrots, celery or use pieces of toast or bagel.
Step2: Place a fun dip in a dipping dish. Try peanut butter, cottage cheese, cream cheese, guacamole or anything nutritious and spreadable that your child enjoys.
Step3: Serve to your child and encourage her to dip away. The messier she is, the better.

Step4: Combine 1/2 cup of milk and sliced fruit into a blender.
Step5: Add a tablespoon of peanut butter or a tablespoon of yogurt. If your child loves juice, pour some of that in as well.
Step6:  Blend well.
Step7: Pour drink into glass and serve to your child with a fun straw. If your child would prefer to drink rather than eat, this is a good way to get healthy calories into your child’s diet.

Cookie Cutters
Step8: Take out your selection of cookie cutters.
Step9: Ask your child to select a favorite.
Step10:  Cut up foods such as pizza, waffles, pancakes or sandwiches with the cookie cutter of his choice. The fun shapes are good motivation to eat.

Snack Tray
Step11: Take out an ice cube tray.
Step12: Fill each square with healthy child-sized snacks. Try pieces of broccoli florets, o-shaped cereal, cheese cubes or banana slices.
Step13: Place on a low table or counter so that your child can pick at it whenever he gets hungry.

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