4 Steps to Increase a 4-Month-Old Baby’s Weight

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At four months old your baby should be gaining between 1 lb. and 1 1/1 lb. per month, with breastfed babies weighing more than bottle-fed infants. If your child is not gaining weight appropriately at four months of age, there are several steps you can take to increase your baby’s caloric intake and weight gain.
How to increase a 4-month-old baby’s weight? Here are 4 steps. Follow me step by step.

4 Steps to Increase a 4-Month-Old Baby's Weight

4 Steps to Increase a 4-Month-Old Baby’s Weight


Step1: Feed your baby when she seems hungry, and avoid keeping her on a strict feeding schedule. Offer your baby breast milk or formula when she shows early hunger cues such as putting her hand in her mouth, making sucking motions, squirming, kicking or rooting at your breast.

Step2: Allow your baby to nurse or feed until she is full, instead of for a prescribed amount of time or amount of formula. Let your baby continue nursing until she turns her head away, dozes off or loses interest. Continue to bottle-feed your formula-fed four-month-old until she shows signs of becoming full, such as trying to knock the bottle out of your hand, appearing distracted or tightly closing her mouth. Offer a second bottle if your baby seems interested after finishing the first one.

Step3: Introduce solid foods if your baby is ready. Look for cues that your four-month-old is ready to try solids, such as the ability to support her head, a diminished tongue thrust reflex, and an increased interest in food, and consult with your child’s doctor before introducing solid foods as a supplement to your baby’s diet. Offer a simple food, such as rice cereal mixed with formula or breast milk, for your baby’s first food.

Step4: Visit your pediatrician to rule out any medical issues for your baby’s lack of weight gain. Share your concerns about your baby’s weight with the doctor, and work together to ensure your child does not have any gastrointestinal problems or other medical concerns that should be addressed.

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