5 Steps to Get a Pig to Eat More & Gain Weight

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There are many factors that will determine your pig’s growth rate, such as the environment you provide for it, it’s health, genetics and nutrition. A pig will flourish in an environment that allows it free access to water and food. Your pig ideally should have a good amount of leanness. The optimal weight for each pig depends on its frame size, age, and degree of muscling. With a few steps, you can have your pig gaining weight in no time.
How to get a pig to eat more & gain weight? Here are 5 steps. Follow me step by step.

5 Steps to Get a Pig to Eat More & Gain Weight

5 Steps to Get a Pig to Eat More & Gain Weight


Step1: Feed your pig 1/2 cup of corn oil, mixed with 1 egg, and 1/2 cup of milk replacer powder twice a day by pouring it over its regular feed. High quality feed should be fed to your pig with 18 percent crude protein and a minimum of 1 percent lysine. You can feed your pig up to four times a day.

Step2: Check your pig’s feeder at least twice a day to ensure that the feed is flowing into the bottom of the feeder and that it is readily available. Make sure to push the feed down as it can build up on the sides.

Step3: Provide clean water and housing daily. Contaminated water can cause your pig to become very sick.

Step4: Clean the feeder, the water feeder, and the pig’s entire environment. A clean environment is crucial and will ensure your pig’s health.

Step5: Weigh your pig weekly after it reaches 125 pounds in order to track its growth. Record its weight and figure out the average amount of weight gained daily. Once the ideal weight is reached, slowly begin cutting down the amount of feed it gets.

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