5 Tips to Gain Weight Naturally

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Gaining weight is an important part of building muscle and strength. In order to gain weight in a healthy manner, you will need to mix a strong workout with lots of protein and calorie intake. While there are many supplements and artificial methods for gaining weight, you can increase your weight with a natural diet. It may take longer, but is likely more healthy in the end.
How to gain weight naturally? Here are 5 tips. Follow me.

5 Tips to Gain Weight Naturally

5 Tips to Gain Weight Naturally

Healthy Weight Gain

While gaining weight is critical if you want to bulk up, it is important to remember that you must pair your weight gain with regular and intense exercise to guarantee that the gain is healthy. Simply gaining weight can lead to health problems and may hurt your self-image. Speak with a nutritionist for advice before embarking on any weight-loss or weight-gain program.


Calories are units by which the energy content of food is measured. The more calories a food item has, the more energy that food can produce in your body. In order to gain weight, you will need to up your caloric intake. As a rule, to gain one pound per week you will want to consume an extra 500 calories a day. Adding calories will help your body add weight.


It can be tempting to eat junk food to build weight, but eating items with high fat content can do more harm than good. Fatty foods will help you gain weight, but will not provide your body with useful calories that can be turned into muscle mass with a good workout. Foods that are high in fat may compromise your health, including your circulatory system. It is best to stick with a high-calorie and high-carbohydrate diet.


Consuming the right amount of protein is critical to building healthy, strong muscles. You should consume between 15 and 20 percent of your calories in the form of protein to ensure you are gaining the right kind of weight at a good speed. Unless you are on an aggressive weight-training program, avoid protein supplements or shakes. The natural protein you get from well-chosen food should be enough to help you gain weight.


If you are looking to bulk up and put on muscle, you need to focus on strength training. Strength training helps convert those additional calories to muscle mass. Do exercises that are low in reps and high in weight; this will prevent you from being exhausted and will challenge your body to develop new mass. Be consistent in your exercise and eating regiments and you will see healthy weight gain within a few weeks.

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