How to Gain Weight in Legs

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Many naturally thin people (women and men) want to gain weight in their legs. Putting on weight in the thighs is best accomplished by adding muscle, not fat. Thin people benefit most from developing muscle weight, as it is much healthier.
How to gain weight in legs? Here are some tips. Follow me.

How to Gain Weight in Legs

How to Gain Weight in Legs


Tip1: Starting Your Exercise & Diet Routine
A regular workout routine for building larger legs takes a lot of discipline. The key is consistency and the right equipment. You will want to eat higher amounts of lean protein and lots of complex carbohydrates. Protein foods include most beef, chicken, tuna, fish and milk. Complex carbohydrates are grains such as wheat, rice, oats, and vegetables such as green beans. Vegetables and fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals which can enhance muscle growth in the legs. You will be focusing on three major muscles in your legs: The quadriceps (front of the leg), hamstrings (back of leg) and calves (lower leg).

Tip2: Types of Equipment & Your Meals
If you join a gym (you can also purchase equipment or start with dumbbells), you will need to familiarize yourself with the various pieces of leg equipment. The squat rack is usually a single-tiered unit where a barbell is lifted onto your shoulders. This is probably the best all-around exercise for building bigger quadriceps. Leg presses will also help you build bigger quadriceps. This unit is usually set at a forty-five-degree angle; you push the weight upward starting from a sitting position. The leg curl machine is horizontal, with roller pads at the end. Movements on this machine will build your hamstrings. And the calf raise machine has pads that go over your shoulder. Simply rising up on your toes will help you build bigger calves. Weightlifters usually require more calories and protein. You should consider eating more meals per day to increase your calorie intake. For example, you can eat oatmeal and fruit in the morning, tuna, rice and green beans for your lunch and perhaps have chicken, yams and a variety of vegetables for dinner. Eat single foods in between meals such as potatoes.

Tip3: Leg Exercises
Experts in fitness recommend squats, leg presses, leg curls and calf raises. Following are the basics on how to perform a few of these exercises:
Squats: With the weight on your shoulder, inhale as you bend your knees until your legs are parallel to the ground. Exhale, and push the weight up to a standing position. Ten repetitions for three sets (perform exercise three times) should be adequate. Start out slowly as you will have soreness for the first few workouts.
Leg Presses: In this exercise, bring the weight down and press it back up. Foot positions will vary. As a beginner, this would be the exercise to skip as you may want to get used to the other three first.
Leg Curls: The object of this exercise is to curl the leg toward your buttocks to build hamstring muscles. Be sure to stretch out between sets.
Calf Raises: It is best to do these on a raised platform for a better stretch (increased muscle contraction). The movement simply entails lifting yourself up on your toes, then back down.

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