9 Steps to Gain Mass in Your Legs

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For bodybuilders or even the consistent exerciser, having strong, muscular legs is one of the most important things you want for your physique. Though most women (unless a bodybuilder) want only toned, slim thighs and calves, most men (exercisers and bodybuilders alike) want the muscle they see in fitness magazines, the mass they see in the legs of the models. Happily, this is possible with a little hard work and perseverance.
How to gain mass in your legs? Here are 9 steps. Follow me step by step.

9 Steps to Gain Mass in Your Legs

9 Steps to Gain Mass in Your Legs


Step1: Avoid foods that are high in bad carbohydrates and fats. These foods will build up in your body, creating the kind of mass you don’t want. They will also inhibit your body’s muscle-building power, so avoid these when at all possible.

Step2: Stock up on foods high in protein. These foods include lean beef, eggs, whole grains and fresh vegetables.

Step3: Start your high-protein diet. Eating foods high in protein will help your body gain muscle faster and more efficiently. Diet is crucial to gaining muscle mass in your legs, and every other part of your body, as well.


Step4: Begin a cardio program immediately. This can mean anything from biking to jogging, from kick boxing to running. If you are in good shape already with a low body-fat percentage, this step doesn’t need to be repeated, as often two times a week will do. If you, however, have a high body-fat percentage, Cardio is even more important to burn the fat covering your muscles, so the mass you gain in your legs is purely muscle mass, the kind you want.

Step5: Do all leg exercises you can find using only free weights. These include the lunge, squats and plie squats to build the muscles in your legs to their maximum potential. These exercises should be done three to five days a week on alternating days, giving your muscles time to regroup in between.

Step6: Exercise your legs with any gym equipment you can find or get your hands on. These exercises, ideally, should add weight gradually to your workout to keep your muscles challenged and growing. The leg press is a great example of such an exercise, as weight can be added as needed. These should be done on the same days as the exercises in step two, so as not to work the same muscles two days in a row.


Step7: Give yourself at least one day of rest in between hard leg workouts. Doing this will give your muscles time to regroup and prepare for the next day of muscle-building intensity.

Step8: Sleep at least seven hours per night while on your diet and workout program to build mass in your legs. This is important because sleep is the body’s natural rebooting process. Sleeping enough each night will help you waken with your muscles ready to go.

Step9: Rest when you feel overworked. It is very important not to over train, or work the same muscle groups two days in a row. Overtraining can lead to muscle or joint injury or, if prolonged, a weakened immune system. And you won’t gain muscle in your legs if you are ordered by a doctor to take a few weeks off from training because of an injury or illness. Something like this could actually send you backward on your leg-building journey.

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