4 Steps to Feed a Horse for Weight Gain

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If you have a horse that is debilitated or underweight, it is important to create a feeding regimen that will help him gain back the lost weight.
How to feed a horse for weight gain? Here are 4 Steps. Follow me step by step.

4 Steps to Feed a Horse for Weight Gain

4 Steps to Feed a Horse for Weight Gain


Step1: Purchase a feed scoop designed for feeding horses.
These scoops are widely available at tack shops, feed stores and country supply stores. These scoops are designed to hold the amount of feed the average horse will need to stay healthy. For an underweight horse you may want to overfill the scoop.

Step2: Choose a feed that is high in both protein and fat.
A horse that has lost a significant amount of weight will also have lost significant muscle mass. Feeding a high-protein, high-fat food will help the horse build up muscles. Ask the staff at the feed store for recommendations. These stores are often staffed by experienced horse owners who can give you advice on how best to rehabilitate an underweight horse.

Step3: Purchase a bag of field corn to feed your horse as a supplment.
Corn is high in both fat and calories, and it is a good tool for putting weight on a horse quickly. Ear corn can be purchased at most feed mills and at some tack shops as well.

Step4: Feed alfalfa pellets as a supplement as well.
Alfalfa pellets are rich in nutrition, and they can be lightly soaked in water to make them easier for older horses to eat. Horses often lose a few teeth as they age, and they may find it difficult to eat traditional forage such as grass and hay. Introducing soaked alfalfa pellets helps these older horses maintain a healthy weight.

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