9 Steps to Make Horses Gain Weight Quickly

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How to make horses gain weight quickly?
A horse’s nutritional needs change as a result of age, activity level, metabolism, environment, stress and health. If a horse has dental issues, ulcers, intestinal obstructions, parasites or chronic digestive problems, it won’t be able to properly absorb nutrients from its food. It can be difficult to provide just the right combination of water, hay, grains, protein and supplements to achieve a balance between your horse’s caloric intake and its metabolic rate that will encourage healthy weight gain. It’s important to rule out any hidden health issues before changing your horse’s diet.
Here are 9 steps. Follow me step by step.

9 Steps to Make Horses Gain Weight Quickly

9 Steps to Make Horses Gain Weight Quickly


Step1: Determine the cause of your horse’s inability to gain or maintain a healthy weight by scheduling an exam with your veterinarian. Request that he floats your horse’s teeth. If it can’t properly chew its food, it won’t be able to fully digest and retain the nutrients necessary for weight gain.

Step2: Give your horse a daily turnout to alleviate stress. Demanding training schedules can cause your horse stress even after the workout is over.

Step3: Add high-quality alfalfa hay to your horse’s diet, which will provide approximately 300 additional calories per pound to your horse’s feed. Use alfalfa cut at the beginning or end of the growing season. Avoid feeding alfalfa hay cut in the middle of the season because of its high protein levels.

Step4: Provide a highly digestible “complete feed” that contains a combination of chopped forage, grain, fats, vitamins and minerals and is high in fiber. If you have an older horse, choose a senior feed. It’ll be easier to chew and digest, and have a higher percentage of fat and a combination of grains, forage, rice bran and stabilized oils.

Step5: Include low-protein grass hay. It will keep your horse’s digestive tract active and reduce the risk of colic.

Step6: Add 1/8-cup fat to the feed in the form of corn oil, two times per day. Fat provides an excellent source of energy, creates a glossy coat, helps prevent colic and will give your horse more endurance.

Step7: Add more fat to your horse’s diet gradually if it doesn’t begin to gain weight within one week. Increase the corn oil to a 1/4 cup two times per day; if necessary, increase to a 1/2 cup two times per day. You can safely give your horse up to a total of 2 cups a day as long as it’s done gradually. Adding too much fat all at once can cause diarrhea.

Step8: Mix grated carrots and apples with your horse’s feed to make it more appetizing. Avoid using molasses. Although high in calcium, it can contribute to orthopedic diseases and glucose intolerance in older horses.

Step9: Monitor your horse’s weight closely to determine if the dietary adjustments you’ve made are providing the desired results. Make additional adjustments based on your horse’s weight gain and consultation with your veterinarian.

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