5 Steps to Make a Boxer Dog Gain Weight

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How to make a boxer dog gain weight?
If your boxer is underweight, the first step you should take is to visit your veterinarian to make sure that his low body weight isn’t caused by internal parasites or any other injury or illness. Once your dog has received a clean bill of health, you will need to work on increasing his weight to a healthy range for his age and breed.
Here are 5 steps. Follow me step by step.

5 Steps to Make a Boxer Dog Gain Weight

5 Steps to Make a Boxer Dog Gain Weight


Step1: Decide on a goal weight for your dog. The average weight of an adult Boxer is 65 to 80 lbs. for a male and 55 to 65 lbs. for a female, but your veterinarian can help you determine a more precise goal based on your dog’s age, size and activity level.

Step2: Select a high-quality dog food; foods of lesser quality can be more difficult for the dog to digest and often create more waste. It is worth spending extra money on highly nutritional food because it will help the dog to gain weight faster and maintain good health throughout his life.

Step3: Add 20 to 50 percent more food to your dog’s bowl than you normally would at mealtimes. The dog may not eat all of the food at once, but most dogs will come back to eat more later on and will finish all of the food in the bowl before it’s time for the next meal. Lavish praise on your dog for eating all of his food, so he will feel encouraged to always finish everything that’s in his bowl.

Step4: Make a batch of Satin Balls, which are a high-calorie treat often used to help malnourished rescue dogs gain weight. They are essentially raw meatballs containing oats, wheat germ, molasses, and egg yolks. You can make a large batch of these balls and freeze them in plastic bags, then take a few out to thaw and feed to your Boxer each day.

Step5: Ask your veterinarian for recommendations of any specific nutritional supplements that he thinks may be helpful to your boxer. Since he knows your dog and understands its individual health issues and requirements, he may be able to give you additional tips that will help get your dog up to a healthy weight.

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