5 Steps to Gain Weight for the Elderly

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How to gain weight for the elderly?
Many elderly individuals lose weight due to illness, decreased appetite, or a decreased sense of smell and taste. Some seniors struggle to make changes such as learning to cook for one or eating to accommodate dentures. However, eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight aids in the prevention of disease and increases overall quality of life. With a few easy tips, underweight seniors can gain weight and improve their health.
Here are 5 steps. Follow me step by step.

5 Steps to Gain Weight for the Elderly

5 Steps to Gain Weight for the Elderly

Step1: Drink Up
Have a non-alcoholic drink. Beverages such as juice, smoothies, milk and non-dairy milk alternatives provide calories and nutrition without filling you up. Try adding one cup of your favorite beverage at every meal. Chose drinks with no added sugar for the best nutritional benefit.

Step2: Eat Nuts and Oils
Add nuts, nut butters, and oils to meals and snacks. Try spreading some peanut butter on your toast or on a piece of fruit. Sauté your vegetables in canola oil or toss your pasta with olive oil. Snack on a handful of cashews. You can even eat nut butters straight from the jar.

Step3: Starchy Vegetables
Add starchy vegetables such as corn, potatoes and peas to your meals. These vegetables contain more calories than low- sugar, non-starchy vegetables. However, don’t eliminate non-starchy vegetables from your diet completely as they provide many vitamins and minerals.

Step4: Make Meals Enjoyable
Chose foods you enjoy and savor your meals. Try setting the table and creating a welcoming atmosphere rather than eating in front of the television. Cook meals for yourself if you enjoy the food preparation process. Eat with a friend or loved one. Vary your diet so you don’t eat the same foods every day.

Step5: Move More
Exercise may seem counterintuitive to the weight-gain process but exercise is essential for health. A short walk can stimulate your appetite and leave you with a healthy dose of endorphins. These endorphins lift your mood. A better mood may inspire you to take better care of your body by eating enough food.

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