4 Steps to Gain Weight in the Butt

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There are two ways to get a big butt if you weren’t genetically given one or want to buy one from a plastic surgeon. You can either eat a lot and some of the weight you gain will naturally go to your butt or you can gain a nice rounded bum from a lot of targeted exercise.
How to gain weight in the butt? Here are 4 Steps. Follow me step by step.

4 Steps to Gain Weight in the Butt

4 Steps to Gain Weight in the Butt


Step1: Do squats.
Stand with your feet hip width apart and upper body strong. Use two hand weights to work your upper body at the same time and create more resistance for your lower half if you can handle it. Bend your knees without lifting your heels. Try to squat straight down without sticking your rear out as that defeats the purpose. Hold in the seated squat position for five counts then return to your standing starting position. Repeat twenty times.

Step2: Lay on your back with bent knees.
Lift your hips up so that your thighs tighten and butt tucks under. Hold for ten counts then lower your hips but don’t allow your butt to touch the ground. Repeat ten times. Then hold the hip raised pose for as long as you can stand. Your thighs will be achy and your butt may be sore the next day but it will also be like buns of steel in no time.

Step3: Perform plies.
Stand with your feet in ballet first position, heel together, toes pointed outward. Pull your stomach in and tuck your rear under opening your hips. Bend your legs slightly so that your heels remain on the ground. This is a demi plie. Do ten of these slowly. Then bend your knees again, keeping them turned out and lift your heels so that you lower almost all the way to the ground. This is a grand plie. Do this ten times as well.

Step4: Run, walk, climb stairs and go bike riding.
These are all great exercises that will not only tone your legs but boost your rear and build muscle to give you a nice toned butt.

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