4 Steps Help you to Gain Weight for Football

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How to gain weight for football?
Many lanky teens would like to gain weight to make the football team or to become more successful once they’re on the team. Although weight gain is harder for someone with a high metabolism or a naturally thin frame, anyone can put on weight over time by following a strict diet and exercise routine.
Here are 4 steps. Follow me step by step.

4 Steps Help you to Gain Weight for Football

4 Steps Help you to Gain Weight for Football


Step1: Lift weights several times a week. Muscle weighs more than fat and it’s healthier to add muscle mass to your body frame than fat. Once you begin building muscle, it’ll become progressively easier to add more muscle if you increase your weightlifting limits on a regular basis. You can work muscle groups in your legs, arms, chest and back to get the maximum benefit from your weight lifting regimen.

Step2: Eat a healthy diet. Supplements and protein shakes are OK for adding calories to your daily food intake, but they’re not a good replacement for a healthy and balanced diet. Foods like nuts, milk, whole grains and yogurt are good for adding extra calories and they’re healthy enough to keep you in good shape.

Step3: Add approximately 500 calories per day to your diet, or more if you’ve also increased your activity level. You need to eat about 500 more calories than you burn each day to help you gain weight. Once you’ve reached your weight goal, cut your calorie intake to a level that will maintain your weight. You may need to make a further adjustment every year during the off-season.

Step4: Use online tools to track your calorie intake and number of calories burned. This will help you ensure that you’re eating the right number of calories to increase your muscle mass.

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